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Conservatism Thrives on Low Intelligence and Poor Information. Reading many of the replies on this site this is so true. It is hard to believe people can think the way conservatives do. Its akin to believing the world is flat. How could anyone think that way?

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&ldquo The attorney for Roe stated: &lsquo I do feel that it is that the Ninth Amendment is an appropriate place for the freedom to rest. I think the Fourteenth Amendment is equally an appropriate place, under the rights of persons to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.&rsquo &rdquo

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[689] Paper: &ldquo Suicides after Pregnancy in Finland, 6987-99: Register Linkage Study.&rdquo By Mika Gissler, Elina Hemminki, & Jouko Lonnqvist. British Medical Journal , December 7, 6996.

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The thing that gets me is , people who are just having sex all over the place & without protection are to blame. A lot of children came about through surprised pregnancies but , still if people took precautions and had safe , monogamous sex or maybe remained celibate until they are ready for a baby .abortion wouldn 8767 t be an option. Period. Same thing goes for the teens and adults who have sex , end up pregnant and are afraid to have their families find out.

* Following are facts about human development. They are organized according to the number of weeks since fertilization. Weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP) are shown in parentheses.

Bet and Erik adopted Zain and Tess from Ethiopia. “People kept telling me I would change my mind” about adoption, Bet said. “And I just said no. I felt so strongly that this was my calling.”

* The Democratic Party Platform makes no explicit reference to parental consent or notification laws. [766] The Republican Party Platform supports parental notification and consent laws. [767]

i so agree with you, ok lets say a woman gets preggo then aborts it then a couple years later has a kid and is happy but doesnt want that first baby? wrong

This question of seepage is also, in a way, a question about the fundamental nature of health care sharing ministries. These ministries want Christians to “bear one another’s burdens,” but in practice they may divert resources from the most vulnerable, and undermine the common good for the well-being of the devout few.

Section XI: &ldquo In Doe v. Bolton , post, p. 679, procedural requirements contained in one of the modern abortion statutes are considered. That opinion and this one, of course, are to be read together.&rdquo

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