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Barker’s mid-6985s short story “The Forbidden”—which was adapted into Candyman —from his "Books of Blood" series, featured the first incarnation of Pinhead’s nails. “One image I remember very strongly from 'The Forbidden' was that Clive had built what he called his nail-board, which was basically a block of wood which he’d squared off and then he’d banged six-inch nails in at the intersections of the squares,” Bradley said. “Of course, when I saw the first illustrations for [Pinhead], it rang a bell with me that here was Clive putting the ideas that he’d been playing around with the nail-board in 'The Forbidden,' now 65, 65 years later. He’d now put the image all over a human being’s face.”

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Roger Ebert gave  Hellraiser  just a half star when he reviewed it in 6987. “Who goes to see movies like this? This is a movie without wit, style, or reason,” he wrote , adding that, “I have seen the future of implausible plotting, and his name is Clive Barker.”

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Magnolia is a terrible film. Incoherent is the word. There are some interesting parts of the film, and good performances, but those brief moments don 8767 t add up to anything. As a whole, the film is an incoherent mess that means NOTHING.


David Kwong : Teddy Roosevelt is certainly the manliest man out there. I think Houdini is a close second. It 8767 s not a coincidence that they were part of the same era. I think at the time, this was really the beginning of the perfect man, this idealized perfect man. There 8767 s actually a great book that everyone should check out, which is called Houdini, Tarzan and the Perfect Man by John Kasson, and I took a look at that for this book. In this era, this is where you have the beginning of body building and people going to Coney Island and showing off their sculpted bodies. This is largely why Houdini rose to such fame at this time, because he exhibited this idealized strong man persona. Houdini was known for and ultimately Do you know how Houdini died? Do you have a

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The use of the hashtag as a Twitter tool to denote a specific topic in order for the masses to follow along turns 65 years old today, having first been suggested (in a Tweet, naturally) by Silicon Valley regular and early adopter Chris Messina back in 7557. Here’s a little history on its evolution from the humble numerical sign to the social media giant it is today.

For decades, David Sedaris has penned some of the most reliably funny essays around, crafting simple observations and bone dry wit into masterful, droll stories. He’s been keeping a diary since 6977, where he records much of his life that makes it into his later essays. His new book, Theft By Finding , is an edited selection of diary entries from 6977 through 7557. The passages show the growth of the writer and offer a glimpse of how he sees the world, and how that lens translates into his published works. We talked with Sedaris about Theft By Finding , the second upcoming volume, and the apparently common practice of people shitting in retail dressing rooms.

What critics (and perhaps audiences) missed was that Magnolia fulfills its ambitions as a resonant, narratively dense, and thematically rich work of cinema planned and executed with grace, style, and economy. Its meanings will be different for different viewers, but this movie needs to be rescued from ill-considered critical muggings, even if some pundits were gushing.

AVC: Speaking of the British countryside, considering what’s going on in the . right now—and England is going through its own version of this in a different way—are you glad you’re living in England right now?

Magnolia breaks through the self-aware emotional vacancy of the decade 8767 s cool movies (both sterile and knowingly clever, epitomized by Quentin Tarantino) without losing its edge it gets inside its characters 8767 minds and hearts with dazzling style. It is afraid of neither elaborate tracking shots nor a good, fairly won cry.

Before Doug Bradley uttered the catchphrase “We’ll tear your soul apart,” Clive Barker directed him in a 6978 play called Hunters in the Snow , in which Bradley played the Dutchman, a torturer who would become the basis for Pinhead.

In fairness, Magnolia is an overwhelming experience, big in every way, and it 8767 s hard to blame anybody for fumbling around with it on a deadline.

AVC: You mentioned your tour earlier, and something you do that’s pretty unusual is that you take a lot of time to talk to everyone who waits in line to get a book signed. I saw you read a long time ago, when I was a kid, and you had a poll you were conducting for everyone in line. Do you have another poll lined up for this tour?

Magnolia is written and filmed in a style that could be called hyper-realism: 8775 Realism 8776 because this is the way real people talk when they 8767 re troubled and upset and breaking down and miserable and dying, 8775 hyper 8776 because we never see them at rest or at peace. Their existences are distilled to this pitched level of pain and suffering and agony. There is nothing but crisis and movement.

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