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Fen-Phen and Dexfen-Phen have been also theorized to lead to primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH). PPH is a rare, but fatal disease of the lungs. However, just as with cardiovascular diseases, the possibility of phentermine alone leading to PPH cannot be discounted. There have been rare cases of people reporting PPH, having consumed phentermine alone. It is not clearly understood if these people had any underlying genetic issues that could have led to PPH.

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Medical researchers were initially interested in how amphetamines affected the bodies of soldiers during the Second World War. Amphetamines were used to increase concentration levels and mental alertness in soldiers, while they decreased symptoms of fatigue and hunger. This is what primarily led to researchers in the United States studying the effects of amphetamines after the conclusion of the war. Corporations also saw potentially huge markets if drugs based on amphetamines were made available to the general public.

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TABLE 6 . Lowest teratogenic dose (mg/kg/day) of vitamin A6 and synthetic retinoids in animals and man

Currently one of the most popular variations of phentermine is Qsymia. Qsymia is a combination of topiramate and phentermine. This is a part of recent efforts to study phentermine in combination with other drugs to increase its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement and reduce its negative side effects. Qysmia was approved by the FDA for public consumption in 7567.

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Cardiovascular diseases associated with phentermine have been suspected since the 6975s. Various causes of palpitations, ischemic events, and tachycardia have been reported. Although a large majority of these cases have been reported by people taking the Fen-Phen or Dexfen-Phen combo, rare cases of patients who have only taken phentermine have reported valvular heart disease and primary pulmonary hypertension. People who have been shown to be healthy before being administered phentermine have developed heart diseases where no other substance could have possibly led to the defect, barring inherent genetic defects.

Like most viral diseases therapy is directed towards symptoms. When symptoms are severe enough, intravenous fluids are administered. Since clotting factors can be disrupted particular attention needs to be paid to bleeding problems. If bleeding problems are severe enough, a whole blood transfusion must be administered. Dogs that are comatose may need intravenous glucose.

Hemangiomas usually are small, measuring only a quarter inch in diameter, but they can be several inches in diameter or even larger. The vast majority of hemangiomas of the liver never cause symptoms or health problems. Most hepatic hemangiomas are discovered incidentally at the time of testing for unrelated medical problems, most commonly with ultrasound imaging or CT ( computerized tomography ) scanning of the abdomen. Very large hemangiomas can cause symptoms, especially if they are positioned near other organs. Pain , nausea , or enlargement of the liver can occur. Rarely, larger hemangiomas can rupture, causing severe pain and bleeding into the abdomen that may be severe or even life threatening.

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