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The current state of education is one where teaching methods have not yet fully caught up with the realities of the digital and technological world. Yes, advanced technology allows us to do a lot more in a shorter space of time, but it sometimes feels as though the education system suddenly expects their students to be able to handle twice the amount of work they already have in a shorter space of time.

Ever wondered about those irritating 8766 Solve it if you are a genius 8766 or 8766 95% will get it wrong 8766 puzzles that flood your Facebook and LinkedIn pages?

I looked at the clock and recognized that I had just wasted twenty minutes simply deciding whether to write the essay or not. I was clenching my hair, grasping my forehead, and breathing heavily. Everyone made writing an essay seem so simple and effortless. My English teacher had said that it was just a combination of sentences written from end to end. Now I know that there’s much more depth to it. Realizing that if I continue to stall like this I would completely diminish my already-so- little time, so I gulped down a glass of water and began typing. Luckily for me, the brainstorming payed off, and I had finally pinpointed the subject of my soon-to- be two-page essay.

Sites and organisations from which students and organisations can purchase pre-written essays have always existed in various forms, but the internet has caused them to expand rapidly for two separate yet intertwined reasons: one is that the internet allows the organisations to offer papers for sale to a greater number of people (and also that students have access to more sites, and so can choose a group which is suited to him and his needs. The other reason is that education systems are asking for more and more from their students every year - most can't hope to complete the work to the standard which they could otherwise attain.

A compare and contrast essay is one which combines the need for good research skills with the need for good writing skills. This type of essay is also called a comparison essay, as it takes (usually) two different points and makes points about their similarity, while then taking another point to point out how it differs (which is where the contrasting comes in). Anybody offering essays for sale should be able to offer writers who can handle both research and writing in the same essay.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s usage of logos solidifies his argument by substantiating his claims. To highlight a hypocritical quality of our nation, the author points out that citizens witness “negro and white and die together,” while their nation is “unable to seat them together in the same schools.” This tragic irony of having to tolerate multi-racial men dying together, but not allowing them to live in peaceful coexistence stimulates a realization in the minds of readers and listeners of a fact that is clear to see, but is overlooked. This spark of comprehension connects the audience with Mr. King Jr. and makes the audience feel a certain degree of reverence and trust toward him.

Current possessions may simply be nonchalantly placed aside since people generally tend to focus on the more challenging goals and accomplishments. Carelessly neglecting the vital past in the way Heathcliff did and rudely abusing the British power to Great Britain’s favor both strongly demonstrate the way in which people are unable to really understand the significance of particular achievements unless they have had to overcome numerous obstacles to accomplish their long-wanted goal. Since regular people typically live their lives without actual appreciation for the decent conditions they are given, only the knotty roads of the seemingly-distant future will teach individuals to genuinely value their attainments.

The author of the passage utilizes a wide variety of rhetorical techniques to build his argument that student athletes deserve fair compensation in college sports. The writer augments his position with factual evidence from the University of Texas and from USA Today simultaneously, the author maintains an unequivocal tone, and stimulates the readers through inclusive language. The author’s appropriate use of evidence, inclusive language, and straightforward tone efficaciously establishes a persuasive argument.

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