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Then, perhaps because of Melendez' respectful tone - or perhaps because of the weight of everything they shared - people cried. White, brown and black.

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Most of the difficulties revolve around language: schools struggling to teach children who don't speak fluent English doctors and other health professionals who can't ask patients about their symptoms or explain medical procedures police officers unable to complete a simple traffic stop with a Spanish-speaking driver, let alone question a crime victim or suspect.

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As we are a new project, our original goals for "success" are modest. As we continue and grow as an organization, we hope to expand our focus, and to measure the effect of our project on the overall health of Hispanics in Durham. More specifically increased rates of immunizations and increased screening and treatment of tuberculosis, diabetes, and hypertension. We are also planning to address many basic primary care concerns such as upper respiratory infections and ear infections in children.

Phase 7: Training and technical assistance. Based on the information gathered during the community mapping, recreation providers will either be offered generic or specialized training. Generic training many include education about the Americans with Disabilities Act and access in recreation settings, disability awareness and best practices for inclusion. Specialized training may include workshops, clinics, and experiential events to expose consumers and providers to a variety of adaptive sports, activities and assistive technology and train providers for further replication.

Consider the challenges facing Adriana Reyna, 65, who moved here a year and a half ago from Mexico. When she enrolled at Athens in August she could say only one word in English: "Hi." Now she spends two hours a day in ESL, and the rest of her time she is mainstreamed into courses where students are encouraged to discuss complex concepts.

We urge you to review ALL sections of the American Grant Provider Directory to locate all grant programs applicable to your need and cause before applying for any grant money. You may qualify for grant money from more than one source for more than one cause. So it's very important to review all sections on this website.

Another large group which will be affected through the institution of this project are the local hospitals and clinics which serve this same population. These institutions are overwhelmed with the large influx of this population in the area and will certainly benefit from a number of their patients receiving basic health services in our clinic. This will free up more time and resources for them to deal with the more complex cases. They are also involved heavily as many of the volunteers for our clinic will come from these same health institutions.

Our primary means of reaching the Hispanic population will be through the local Spanish-language media. On a secondary level, board members will be expected to meet monthly, and receive feedback from community leaders quarterly. Information received from these meetings will be evaluated and acted upon accordingly.

I want to start a non profit for ministers wives and children who are dealing with crisis in their families or ministries and to also be a resource for those who 8767 s minister husbands abandon and leave there. This happened to myself and my 7 children 7 year ago. Had it not been for my parents financial assistance we would have been homeless. I have since completed my last year of my bachelors degree and have started my masters degree in clinical mental health counseling specializing in crisis and trauma. I feel called and such a passion to help these women and children who will go through one of the most difficult times of their lives. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

In the category "concrete work," for instance, Latinos made up 76 percent of the work force in 6995 but accounted for less than 8 percent of the reported injuries.

Lured by the prospect of good jobs in a humming economy, Latino immigrants have flocked to the Tar Heel State in record numbers this decade, literally helping build the new North Carolina as they forge new lives.

Finally the local community churches which serve this same population will also be affected by this project. We have collaborated with these organizations for some time now and they also are involved with the organizing, planning, and outreach educational services. The also serve as a valuable source of volunteers as well as patients and our collaboration is a key to the success of this clinic.

Indicate how possible (negative) side effects of the project or initiative will be detected and remedied. Note how this information will be used to minimize those side effects?

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