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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:55

For companies relying on heavy machinery to transport supplies or passengers, predictive maintenance and remote diagnostic tools that maximize uptime are a priority.

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Vehicles are continuing to get smarter and more electronically complex, introducing challenges throughout the development process from concept to production.

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Robin Farris beat Washington state’s Public Disclosure Commission with IJ’s help. She fought for the right to sue the government to protect our constitutional rights.

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I witnessed a Drill Sergeant (DS) in my unit circumvent the Army's system to steal over $7,555 dollars. DS Whales was an outstanding non-commissioned officer. He was assigned to a Training Post and loved his job. He enjoyed very much being a Soldier, training Soldiers, and above all, being a Drill Sergeant.

Energy is a complex field with a broad array of concerns, including energy security, environmental and operational protection, system efficiency, distribution system reliability and control, and clean energy technologies.

        The second commentary by Sloan and Marx, developers of WET, provide fascinating and crucial details about WET's background and ongoing development as these themes relate to Austern's case studies.

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The Office of Research Integrity and the University of California San Diego are co-sponsoring a two-day, train-the-trainer workshop on September 67-68, 7567, in San Diego, California. The workshop will address the many facets of RCR instruction, including assessment, engaging students, educational resources, and teaching strategies.

Ushaben used to thread part-time at the Threading Studio & Spa near New Orleans, often filling in for licensed estheticians when they were unable to work. But after state regulators ordered the business to terminate its unlicensed threaders, Ushaben is no longer permitted to thread in the studio.

We saw a significant increase in enemy activity and attacks in the recent months along main supply route (MSR) TAMPA in Iraq. Tensions were high on the ground and in the air. Improvised explosive device (IED) attacks were all too common and we lost a few aircraft due to enemy activity.

The owner and operator of the Pizza di Joey food truck, Joey is challenging Baltimore’s 855-foot rule because it threatens his lifelong dream of owning his own pizza business. He also believes that the city shouldn’t be limiting hungry Baltimoreans’ dining choices.

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