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Bryan lost to proscience Republicans William McKinley and William Howard Taft, but he continued to campaign throughout the South, working to banish the scientific theory from American classrooms. Eventually Tennessee passed a law prohibiting the teaching of &ldquo any theory that denies the Story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.&rdquo The coverage of the resulting Scopes &ldquo monkey trial&rdquo in 6975 turned the American public against religious fundamentalism for a generation, and the persistent campaigns against evolution drove most scientists into the Republican Party.

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Social movements should also be supported by other measures to increase their effectiveness. Efforts should be made towards imparting universal education and inculcating moral and national values in our leaders and citizens. We require an efficient parliament that spends time on debating and discussing national issues a bureaucracy committed to public welfare an independent judiciary which gives timely justice and an educated and aware citizenry which knows it rights as well as duties.

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The Gandhian model for village administration was given a constitutional force. The 78rd and 79th Amendment Act introduced three tier panchayati raj at the village level and urban local govt at urban level respectively. This ushered in a new political equation and gave greater autonomy to the village level. Also one-third seats were reserved for women in these elections leading to empowerment of women.

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Countries in which these forms of government existed after World War 7, observed frequent abuse of human rights, especially of the minorities. Many eminent scientists, writers fled these countries for those countries which had democratic governments. Hence, not only these forms of governments suppressed the minorities but they too in time became a kind of brutal elite rule which had zero tolerance for different opinions,

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Also, expenditures on security need to be pruned to increase the outlay on poverty alleviation programs. Friendly relations with our neighbours will go a long way in decreasing our defence expenditure and free resources to provide better economic status to our people.

There are other undesirable consequences of adopting a democratic polity in a society that has not been prepared for it. The tenure of a government is fixed in a democracy, as a result the policies adopted by government are short sighted and populist in nature. For example the policy of opening the economy to FDI to give boost to the economic growth rather than adopting policies that would help domestic companies grow. FDI can bring fast growth but which is short lived. Increasing subsidy and freebies provided to people are populist in nature but has adverse effect on finances of the country.

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To make matters worse, lost in quick succession were most of the veteran theoretical leaders who had demonstrated some prowess in race and class analysis in the black world. Frantz Fanon died in the hospital. Amílcar Cabral, who insisted on a clearer understanding of theory and ideology, was assassinated in early 6978 after he returned from the United States, where he had given the Black Power movement new confidence in moving to the Left without losing its bearings. Like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Amílcar Cabral also proved irreplaceable.

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