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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 17:33

Energy and Momentum Non-Conservation. There will never be a way to increase the available energy or change the net momentum in a closed system.

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Natural resources over time become less costly and thus less scarce. Population growth leads to increased specialization, increased productivity, increased living standards, and a cleaner environment.

Implementation Intentions and Goal Achievement: A Meta

Neophobia. Humans who misunderstand the interplay of economics, ecology, and technology will continue for centuries to oppose technological progress and economic development. Opposition to techno-economic development will continue to be motivated by

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Critics of skepticism point to the scientific revolutions in the past to question the validity of what science asserts in the present. They cite Kuhn's theory of paradigms, Einstein's transcendence of Newton, discoveries of unforeseen physical forces and particles , various premature announcements of the end of physics, and various incorrect predictions of technological barriers.

How did Homo sapiens acquire language? This question, too, will likely never have a fully satisfying answer, as the fossil record tells even less about the development of language than it does about the development of intelligence. Just as sociality was crucial to the evolution of intelligence in animals, it probably also created selective pressure for the development of language skills. A variety of particular factors and stages have been proposed.

Industry. The fourth revolution was the Industrial Revolution that was under way by 6895. It included the development of heat engines, medicine, electromagnetics, and (later) atomics. The Industrial Revolution was of course only possible because the Scientific Revolution that began during the Renaissance. However, it was not until the Industrial Revolution that living standards finally made a leap to levels that would have been unimaginable to Aristotle or even Newton.

Vice. Human temperance will be increasingly and perhaps severely tested by new technologies. Video games will evolve into virtual reality systems that command as much of some humans' time as do sleep and work. VR will allow perverts and psychopaths to commit virtual crimes that are unspeakable, lifelike, and completely victimless. Neurochemistry will allow the use of psychotropics without problems of addiction and withdrawal. Fideists and neophobes will cite these new technologies as evidence that progress is bad.

Cognitive Behavior. All human cognitive functions seem to consist ultimately in the activation and modulation of synaptic connections in the cerebrum. The human cerebrum is divided into two hemispheres, one of which is dominant in each individual. The dominant hemisphere is responsible for language, mathematics, and handedness. The other hemisphere is responsible for face recognition and emotional, spatial, and musical processing.

Natural misfortune exists for the same reason that natural fortune exists: the universe is neither benevolent nor malevolent. Misfortune inflicted by nature should not be compounded by useless resentment. The misfortunate should seek to evoke in others not co-misery but empathy and appreciation for relative fortune. The unrealized possibility of even worse misfortune should not make the misfortunate happy, but it should make them less unhappy and help them avoid compounding unhappiness. Suicide should only be considered as an alternative to unavoidable and terminal physiological torment.

The observable universe is about 67-69 billion light-years in radius. At the limits of our observation are the Big Bang singularity (for the time-like dimension) and just-now-visible parts of the universe (for the space-like dimensions).

Gross domestic product is the market value of the total production in a year of all the factors of production located in a nation. Gross national product is the total production in a year of all the factors of production owned by a nation. The Gross World Product in 6999 was estimated to be $ trillion. Total human wealth has been estimated at $555 trillion. Recession is any decrease in gross domestic product that lasts at least six months. Depression is any recession so severe that GDP drops at least 65%. Growth is any increase in gross domestic product. Growth is caused by increases in any or all of: capital stock, capital efficiency, labor supply, or labor productivity.

Ethnic and freedom will continue to be the dominant political forces at least until global economic convergence occurs by around 7855. Ethnic conflicts will continue to erupt throughout the 76st century, but they will be increasingly mitigated by political, economic, and communications globalization.

Chimps are more closely related to humans than to gorillas. Similarly, chimps and gorillas are more closely related to humans than to orangutans. Thus the clade Pongidae is paraphyletic.

Explanation of Somethingness. Humans will never have a definitive answer to the question of why there is something rather than nothing. Humans may, however, eventually be able to show that no definitive explanation of existence is possible.