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‘The Mummy’ Box Office Analysis: Why Tom Cruise’s Film

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 20:49

Saw Tom Cruise on the Graham Norton show. To say he is narcissitic is putting it mildly. The guy was non-stop bragging on himself and his stunts and how great he is. He really thinks very highly of himself. It was disturbing.

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These days Tom Cruise comes off as a hollow actor, like there 8767 s nothing behind his eyes and skin. I think it mostly has to do with him being a Scientologist, brainwashed not to act like a normal human being. I think that as scientology gets more and more unfavorable publicity in the ., the actors that are its celebrity adherents are looked at with growing skepticism.

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How about it made over $955 million. That 8767 s bad box office? 955 million! Why aren 8767 t we talking about Jennifer Lawrence 8767 s terrible box office. 8775 Joy 8776 barely broke $655 and 8775 Passengers 8776 barely broke $855. Take out the X-Men franchise (is the success really due to her?) and she hasn 8767 t a hit in two years!

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to start with let it be clear i am and always will be scifi /mystic fan ,lol,, the mummy has all the elements action/magic/romance/great sets ,,,but,,, seams to me to fly so fast through the story, that the is little to connect with ,, sure i was looking forded to THE MUMMY and sure it 8767 s a great movie ,,,,but will i watch it over and over again ,,no ,, but yes i would go see the sequel, since the ground work is laid down to connect with the character ( hopefully ) in number 7 ,,,Cheers to all

The pre- release story synopsis bored me. I was expecting something better, something more related to the original Universal movie releases. Something originally and modernly nostalgic (c 8767 mon Hollywood you can do it) I wanted an actor , in new concept make-up to play a new modern day villain, frightening looking, shuffling along, choking people for no reason, I have not seen the movie, my point is that early press releases were 8775 dead 8776 sounding, I was excited about the news of these remakes yet I decided not to see this one, the opener, before it was even out.

Throughout the twentieth century, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has become famous not only as one of Twain's greatest achievements, but also as a highly controversial piece of literature. In certain Southern states, the novel was banned due.

The M:I franchise was played out a while ago but there 8767 s no way Cruise stops beating that dead horse. Long after Hollywood much less the rest of the . stops viewing Cruise as a virile action star, he will keep producing his own action movies. Because his ego can 8767 t admit he 8767 s aging.

Oh please get off your high and mighty thrones like your God 8767 s gift to mankind. Christian crusade ring a bell of course not how dare you mention the hundreds of millions slaughtered in the name of God. It 8767 s a free country to believe in what you want unless it goes against the normal catholic way. Was the movie good or not had nothing to do with the actors Sexual or Religious beliefs that goes for TC or any damn bloody actor or actress, while God doesn 8767 t judge Americans love to.

Like many shareholders, I am disappointed and baffled by Benchmark’s hostile actions, which clearly are not in the best interests of Uber and its employees on whose behalf they claim to be acting. Since 7559, building Uber into a great company has been my passion and obsession. I continue to work tirelessly with the board to identify and hire the best CEO to guide Uber into its next phase of growth and ensure its continued success.

I wouldn 8767 t place him in the category of bad people, but there are plenty of so called celebrities that are less than stellar that people flock to and spend money on their films.

And some of these are just BAD movies. I 8767 d like to believe that really great cinema is rare. So rare that they shouldn 8767 t even hand out a Best Picture at the Academy Awards every year because sometimes it 8767 s like an award for valedictorian of summer school. These movies all relied too heavily on one thing (star power) or another (built in cult following), etc. It 8767 s laziness on the part of Hollywood to slap one 8775 winning 8776 element into place and expect that to be enough.

Benchmark Capital, one of Uber’s largest investors, is trying to explain its legal feud with former CEO Travis Kalanick to the ride-sharing company’s employees. Benchmark sued Kalanick for fraud last week, adding another controversy to the company’s already disastrous summer.

Puritan society in The Scarlet Letter seems just as judgmental and cruel as any school cafeteria. Make one tiny misstep—spill your food show up to school wearing the wrong kind of backpack—and you're an outcast, with the name-calling and ostracization to prove it. Pretty soon, you're hiding in the bathroom during the whole period just to avoid having to eat alone—like Hester Prynne, hiding out in a cottage on the outskirts of town or Dimmesdale, respected by his community but without a single close friend. Ahem. Excuse us, we're having horrible flashbacks to middle school.

I totally agree with you Lisa well spoken of Tom Cruise. I have been reading so many detest towards this actor, i was appalled. This is originally one of Hollywood 8767 s biggest movie star and still is. I am sure The Mummy will emerge as an average movie if not a blockbuster.

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