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With boys, this stage is characterized as phallic and suggests pleasure in attack and conquest. In contrast, in girls this turns to modes of receiving. Their approach is either a more aggressive form of snatching by jealous conquest or the milder form of making oneself "attractive and endearing" [78].

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This only will allow him to express his will without having to fear, that the parents would disapprove and shame him for his actions. A balance has to be found between autonomy and dependence.

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A particular, however not exclusive role is hereby given to the excretory organs not without a reason, psychoanalysis has termed this stage the anal phase (Freud).

Hence, for the child as opposed to the adult, play is not a means to flee reality, but rather a mechanism to cope with reality, which is increasingly important to the child. The play alone, however, is according to Erikson not enough for the development. The child wants to be useful and accomplish something, he develops pleasure in knowledge, determination, precision, perfection, and endurance, and he wants to create something.

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Therefore it is particularly important, that parenting offers sufficient support for the child and his now awakening thirst for action. The child’s needs have to be recognized and taken seriously. Through the approval of his actions and the reaction of reference persons, the child experiences self-confidence and is being reassured and satisfied in his curiosity, his thirst for knowledge and investigation and is thus learning to know and to recognize what he wants. The child develops self-confidence.

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