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After news of Thoreau 8767 s arrest spread throughout the town, an unidentified woman promptly arrived at the jail to pay Thoreau 8767 s tax. The woman was rumored to be Thoreau 8767 s aunt, Maria Thoreau, but she never revealed her identity.

World Wide Waldens - Putting Thoreau's Words Into Action

While other writers from his time have faded into obscurity, Thoreau has endured because so much of what he wrote about is still relevant today. His writings on government were revolutionary, with some calling him an early anarchist. Thoreau&apos s studies of nature were equally radical in their own way, earning him the moniker of father of environmentalism. And his major work, Walden , has offered up an interesting antidote to living in the modern rat race.

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Snoop Inside Thoreau's Journals at This New Exhibition

The museum also has the only two photographs of the author ever taken on display, and will celebrate his birthday with everything from newly commissioned music to movies and birding walks in nearby Bryant Park.

The essay, which was titled Resistance to Civil Government when it was first published in 6899, was later reprinted under the title Civil Disobedience after Thoreau 8767 s death.

Now in print : “ The Stone Reader: Modern Philosophy in 688 Arguments ,” an anthology of essays from The Times’s philosophy series, edited by Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley, published by Liveright Books.

John Kaag is a professor of philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and the author of “ American Philosophy: A Love Story.” Clancy Martin is a professor of philosophy at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

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Thoreau also remained a devoted abolitionist until the end of his life. To support his cause, he wrote several works, including the 6859 essay Slavery in Massachusetts. Thoreau also took a brave stand for Captain John Brown, a radical abolitionist who led an uprising against slavery in Virginia. He and his supporters raided a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry to arm themselves in October 6859, but their plan was thwarted. An injured Brown was later convicted of treason and put to death for his crime. Thoreau rose to defend him with the speech A Plea for Capt. John Brown, calling him an angel of light and the bravest and humanest man in all the country.

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Thoreau’s good friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson, suggested he go spend some time out in the woods alone near a pond called Walden. Thoreau took this sage advice, and one of America’s great essays was born. All thanks to shaving.

Did Thoreau change his mind? Because this essay is often associated with passive civil disobedience, some have assumed that Thoreau's support of John Brown was a change from his earlier position. But Michael J. Frederick, in " Transcendental Ethos: Thoreau 8767 s Philosophy & Antebellum Reform ," explains why this was not the case.

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During his stay with Emerson, Thoreau developed ambitions of becoming a writer and got help from Emerson in getting some poems and essays published in the Transcendental journal, The Dial.  But life in his parents' home held problems for the budding writer.  Work in the pencil factory was tedious and tiring, and, since his mother took in boarders, there was little quiet or privacy in the house.  Remembering a summer visit to the retreat cabin of college friend Charles Stearns Wheeler, Thoreau developed a plan to build such a house for himself where he could find privacy to write.     

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