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The book is part of a genre, that includes Robert Osborn 8766 s War Is No Damn Good , which seeks to simplify complex ideas without reducing them to pablum. In a way, these are the precursors of today 8767 s data visualizations and information graphics.

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We couldn x7569 t fight them, says Zhenya, finishing his translation. He moans and starts to shake. And that x7569 s it now he x7569 s broken. Because everybody knows 67-year-old boys can be real shits, these are the same fights they have with one another in the schoolyard, but the hope is that they x7569 ll grow up, that their parents will teach them. The hope is always that it will get better.

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“There wouldn’t have been a Beat Generation without Allen Ginsberg. There would have been certain writers along the landscape but no organized movement,” Ferlinghetti says. “As soon as he arrived in every city, he’d call up the papers and say, ‘This is Allen Ginsberg, I just arrived in town.’ Then he’d bring all his friends that he wanted to get published.”

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It 8767 s bad enough that you continue to talk about things you know literally nothing about. But then you have to dig deeper and say 8775 As far as I know Tuval [sic] has never lied in the past. 8776

How, exactly, does this erode sex-based protections? Identify a single instance where this has occurred. If transgender people do not need protection, then the protections could not extend and its moot. If they do need protection then it would be wrong not to protect them for the same reason it would be wrong not to protect female women. Extending protection in no way causes anyone else to lose protections because that 8767 s simply not how protections from harms work (. they 8767 re not a limited commodity).

I agree with much of what you write, Professor Oliver. However, I do wish you had named names if people are going to show contempt for free thought and attempt to humiliate an untenured professor by naming and shaming, they deserve to have their activities publicized.

And this is interesting: 8775 and to be treated as members of that gender when it is relevant. 8776 Relevant to whom? I 8767 m sure it is relevant to some women in a locker room if there are men there pretending to be women.

This is further borne out by your referencing oddball personal blogs instead of actual research or statements by qualified professional organizations: Your first reference is a secondary source and is also discussing GD, not transgender identity more broadly it therefore does not support your view per the APA 8767 s explanation. Your second reference is a personal narrative on an anonymous blog and proves nothing except that someone maybe exists who regrets their choices, which is hardly sound grounds to prevent or judge others (especially adults) from making their own choices.

Your desire to infantilize them and not hold them responsible for having any kind of coherent views is not helpful. I grew up in Texas. These are my people, and they have been radicalized by Alex Jones and Fox News. I would love to see evidence that they do in fact have something resembling moral fibre, but your assumption that I 8767 ve been unfair is breathtaking. I don 8767 t expect you to know anything about my habits, but I 8767 m not going to work with you to insulate them against the repercussions of their nihilism. It will get us all killed.

Many people 8767 s vision of justice in society is largely built around upon interchangeability of men and women for all intents and purposes. Whatever differences may exist between men and women are not such differences as would make a difference. Indeed, many will insist that even the differences that exist are largely social constructions or forms of socialization that establish a patriarchal order.

In fact, the whole answer to your theory is nope.

Upon moving to San Francisco in 6968, di Prima helped organize the Diggers community activists and occasional mimes — into a charitable organization that helped feed the hungry in Haight-Ashbury. At the Band’s “Last Waltz” concert, she read a one-line poem called “Get Yer Cut Throat off My Knife.” McClure describes di Prima as the “best living poet in America.”

I haven x7569 t heard of these laws, but I think it x7569 s fine, a kid named Kirill tells me at a hidden gay club called Secrets. We don x7569 t need gay pride here. Why do we need to show our orientation? He shrugs. He has heard of the torture videos popular online, the gangs that kidnap gays, the police that arrest gays, the babushkas with their eggs and their stones. But he hasn x7569 t seen them. He prefers not to. Everybody wants to emigrate, but not me. He shrugs again it x7569 s like a tic. I love Russia. This is their experience, not mine. He says he does not know what the word closet means.

If you were born in the 95s, you probably missed the reality TV show Rich Girls that aired on MTV. It starred Tommy Hilger 8767 s stoned retarded daughter and her fat grumpy friend, Jamie Gleicher, and jumpstarted reality TV 8767 s obsession with rich people.

Even if your claim were true, it actually works against your broader position. It suggests that gender dysphoria is not just a mental disorder but that, like anorexia for instance, it is also a symptom of the social dysfunction of sexism. This means that transgender people are subject to the same instruments of oppression that you are, which means they have at least as much of an entitlement to the language of gender as you do.

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