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Jenny boully a short essay on being original

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:28

I hate when I hear people say that it’s so great to go to Thailand, everything’s so cheap there! I find it insulting. I find it terrible how the very rich of this world can go and play in a country where the people are very poor. I just say things like, yeah, it’s so great. They go to Phuket, and I have never gone to Phuket. Phuket, my mom says, is annoying and expensive. Some annoying, drunk boys that I met at a party somewhere said that they liked to go to “fuck-et.” I was not amused, but I pretended to be.

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We are the puzzle pieces who seldom fit with other puzzle pieces. Romantics, idealists, eccentrics, we inhabit singledom as our natural resting state. In a world where proms and marriage define the social order, we are, by force of our personalities and inner strength, rebels.

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But this isn’t the full story. The rise of debt wasn’t the Church simply bowing to the inevitable. Members of the clergy played an active role in creating the mindset that allowed usury to become respectable.

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I will be on the side of the people â &euro ¦ I will take to the barricades and the trenches, screaming as one possessed, will stain my weapons with blood, and, mad with rage, will cut the throat of any vanquished foe I encounter, [Guevara, 7559 ]

Since fellow quirkyalones are not abundant (we are probably less than 5 percent of the population), I recommend reading the patron saint of solitude: German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Even 655 years after its publication, Letters to a Poet still feels like it was written for us: 8775 You should not let yourself be confused in your solitude by the fact that there is something in you that wants to break out of it, 8776 Rilke writes. 8775 People have (with the help of conventions) oriented all their solutions toward the easy and toward the easiest side of easy, but it is clear that we must hold to that which is difficult. 8776

Here’s another view on why usury became less sinful: economic development eventually meant it wasn’t worth the trade-off. In 66th-century Europe, the economy was shifting from one defined by local agriculture to centres of commerce such as Florence. Global expansion made loans and investments more profitable, even as gold arriving from South America caused inflation. In these circumstances, the opportunity cost of not lending money grew higher and higher, as Scheinkman and Glaeser have argued.

For the quirkyalone, there is no patience for dating just for the sake of not being alone. We want a miracle. Out of millions, we have to find the one who will understand.

Some historians and economists contend that the usury taboo was more about performance than reality. They argue that the moneyed class mostly ignored the prohibition – not least because it called for unrealistic levels of charity from the gentry. Merchants and bankers had all sorts of tactics for disguising the interest payments one trick was for the parties to agree to use an overpriced exchange rate for the purchase of goods in the future. Or lenders made loans that didn’t pay interest, exactly, but instead promised a share of the profits from the borrower’s business. (This was a loophole, but it also ensured bankers got paid only if their loans benefitted the borrowers.)

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I believe in being weird. Not like the kind of weird where people go “wow what a creep “ , but weird like “haha your weird but its cool”. Being weird keeps things interesting and always allows for something different. It also can be funny and create for moments of laughter at some points.

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