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Child Maltreatment, Murder, and the rise of Authoritarian Governments have all been linked to an increase in parasite stress. Spreading of parasite stress to advance a political agenda is a dangerous practice which we should should no longer tolerate. It will come back to bite any group, or ideology that uses it.

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Between 6969-6968, 75 million people were exposed to unparalleled gore and violence. World War I caused over 66 million deaths. Some survivors came home carrying the 6968 Flu which was responsible for more deaths than the war itself Between 75 and 55 million by most estimates.

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Appearing grossed out by the “right” things can improve ingroup standing. Logic, reason and ethics can all be overridden when disgust sensitivity is exploited. In the last century, this may have led to more and bloodier violence, and related deaths, than any other known period. Exploiting disgust sensitivity via disgust derogation is dangerous but the rewards can be great for despots.

I am not frightened of homosexual people. I have worked with some in the past and found them to be most engaging, relatively normal people outside of their sexual preference. I do not agree with their lifestyle and if they ask, I tell them as such. They cannot expect that I would ever agree with them on that topic. I am orthodox Catholic and refuse to do so. But my Faith has also taught me to not judge them, because it is not my place. If they treat me with due respect, they get the exact same back.

It used to be the system tried to keep kids apart that went through it. The truth is kids would find ways to keep in contact. Kids talk to each other not workers. Are there facilitated groups now with foster kids run by people that have been in foster care? Is there any place where a child can talk about their abuse without risking putting their parents in prison? I knew my parents were mentally ill and did not want to put them in prison. Kids talk to each other when they have lost all trust in the system.

Women and conservatives both report experiencing greater disgust sensitivity than their counterparts. Looking at human social dynamics through the lens of disgust (parasite and pathogen stress) is disturbing and might reveal a darker view into the experience of humanity as a whole.

To better understand this, we’ll explore the science of grossness, parasite and pathogen stress, some attributes of human mate selection, human in-group and out-group dynamics, including the Just-world hypothesis and System Justification Theory, grossness as a measure of human value, and the phenomena of human derogation during an era of proliferation of social technologies.

National standards for care in nursing homes are based on the Nursing Home Reform Act of 6987. The law is part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 6987, often referred to as OBRA 87. The intent of the law is to promote high-quality care and prevent substandard care. The law also seeks to ensure that the rights of nursing home residents are respected. These include:

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Karen, I 8767 m glad you could share your experience here, and I 8767 m glad that you found support in Ida 8767 s care and attention. Those kind of childhood experiences do stay with us for a lifetime, but I 8767 m glad to hear you seeking healthier happier situations. Everyone deserves to be safe and to feel welcome in our world. Take good care of yourself.

Be forewarned, these articles are NSFW. There will be foul language, grossness, and disgusting human behavior, mixed with mild attempts at humor. I will try and keep it as inoffensive as possible because its message may be vitally important. Understanding why some percentage of people are incapable of or unwilling to see men as human beings, may just stop us from racing toward a global catastrophe.

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