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And oh yeah, as an owner of a de facto Jewfro, I have always really appreciated your posts about your hair. It takes all sorts to make a world & we should celebrate the myriad manifestations of beauty.

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hmmmmm. i saw your pics and i think you are pretty and exotic looking, so if you are 8766 ugly as fuck, 8767 well, then many of the rest of of us are screwed. it sucks that we are reduced to our looks anyway, and makeup is there to remind us that.

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your boldness and faith in yourself and your choices, and your decision to live life as yourself, regardless of some standard, is more of what girls and growing woman need to see lived out.
thank you times a gagillion !! xo.

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The Hartman Prize in Physics and Applied Engineering and Physics, awarded to recognize outstanding work in experimental physics by an undergraduate in either program, went to Sarah Marie Bruno.

The Sheila Jasanoff Prize for Academic Excellence in Science & Technology Studies, for the best graduate student paper within the previous three semesters, was awarded to Ranjit Singh for “Back to the Future: Situating the ‘T’ in ‘STS.’”

A home-run is a different word. You can take 8775 a run, 8776 but that 8767 s a different word, too.
You can also take 8775 a swim. 8776 It 8767 s a colloquialism. You cannot take a 8775 play, 8776 though, or 8775 a fly. 8776

To all women out there if and when you do wear make up there is one rule. You MUST wash your face at night. (No matter how many glasses of wine you have had) Never ever ever ever sleep with your makeup on or mascara. It is just wrong and cruel to you face.

First of all, I LOVE your writing it is so compelling and unique! And to second your thoughts not everybody needs to look like a Scandinavian model and that is fine!!! You are unique and authentic with a great voice. Fuck what anyone thinks!

You 8767 ve always been gorgeous. You don 8767 t need a stitch. I also believe it was you (not Cara) who started the eyebrow revolution! Keep on keepin on sista!

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