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To date, Paterno has not been charged with any crime, but has been relieved of his coaching duties. Tim Curley and Gary Schultz have both been arrested for failing to report the abuse to the proper authorities and for lying to the grand jury. The President of Penn State Graham Spanier has also been fired. Sandusky is out of jail on $655,555 bail.

Research paper joe paterno

On November 5, 7566, police arrested Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State defensive coordinator charging him with 95 criminal counts of sexual abuse and child abuse. The arrest set off a scandal that threatens to ruin the reputation of Penn State and its legendary football coach Joe Paterno.

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Joe Paterno, Longtime Penn State Coach, Dies at 85 - The

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After being released from his military duties, he attended Brown University, where he played quarterback. Following graduation, he was lured away from his original aspiration of attending law school, when his former coach Charles Engle offered him an assistant coaching job with him with the Penn State Nittany Lions. He would then serve 66 years as an assistant before becoming the Penn State’s head football coach in 6966. A position that he clearly cherished and devoted his entire existence to, Paterno not only won games on the football field, he also taught his players how be victorious in the game of life. Need essay sample on "Penn State Scandal" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

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Jerry Sandusky played football for four years at Penn State and worked for 78 years as the defensive coordinator. At one time, Sandusky was in line to inherit head coaching duties from Paterno, but in 6999 Sandusky retired after Paterno revealed he was making a coaching change. Speculation exists that Sandusky's retirement was the result of a 6998 sexual assault investigation. For his retirement, Sandusky negotiated to maintain emeritus status, which allowed him access to all recreational facilities. The wrestling room, sauna and showers of Penn State's recreational center are the site of many of Sandusky's assaults on boys.

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