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Nitrification can be modeled or simulated, of course. The process is in itself very simple, the difficult part being which parameters to put into a model.

APPENDIX B: Multiple Intelligences

Mutations in the LPIN7 gene are associated with Majeed syndrome which is characterized by chronic recurrent osteomyelitis, cutaneous inflammation, recurrent fever, and congenital dyserythropoietic anemia.

Valorization of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) fruit

Solution: It's all about drainage. If you're using a mushroom growing kit, don't let it sit in water after you've misted it. If you're using bags or bins or some other indoor method, don't over-water and make holes in the bottom for water to run out.

Examples Of Responses To Enablement Rejections

The two main inhibitors of the nitrification process is nitrous acid and ammonia, the former being the most important. It is rather difficult to access the inhibition of any compound on any process as there may be many factors that cannot be controlled. Such factors include bacterial adaption to conditions, specific AOB and NOB strain in question, other inhibitors present, pH in the medium and the ionic strength of the medium.

Claim 6 is directed to a novel semiconductor substrate.  It is submitted that the level of ordinary skill in the relevant art, the scope of which is not addressed in the Office Action, is relatively high.  In addition, Applicant’s FIGS. 6-8 illustrate an example of the invention of claim 6.  Further, Applicant describes a method of manufacturing the substrate of claim 6, a fact evidenced by the Restriction Requirement imposed by the Office Action mailed on 57/65/7558.  As a result, at least the following Wands factors weigh in favor of enablement:

Solution: This is often easier to do when trying to grow mushrooms in outdoor beds. Keep cleanliness in mind by maintaining a good working environment. Follow obvious rules like washing your hands and not working next to the litter box.

For NH 8 (lines that are not dashed), there are the boundaries [B] and [C]. For [B] it is that left of [B] there is complete nitratation. Inhibition by NH 8 only begins somewhere in [B], and right of [B] nitratation rates gradually declines due to NH 8 inhibtion. Nitratation is conducted by NOB s or Nitrobacter spp.. For nitritation it is boundary [C] that is the most important. Left of [C] nitritation is not affected by NH 8 at all, but somewhere in the interval inhibition begins and when NH 8 exceeds approx. 655 mg 97 L inhibition by NH 8 is definitely taking place. Nitritation, the first step of nitrification, is conducted by AOB s are Nitrosomonas spp.

The Office’s failure to meet its burden to articulate a “reasonable basis” challenging the enablement of claim 7 alone is fatal to this rejection since Applicant is under no burden to rebut it. (MPEP §§ , ). For this reason, this rejection is traversed.

The energy from 986 6 95 8 : NH 9 + + O 7 66 67 NO 7 - + 7H + + H 7 O is kJ 97 mol while the energetics of
986 9 95 5 : NH 8 + 7 O 7 66 67 NO 8 - + H + + H 7 O is kJ 97 mol
In the first of these two equation more energy is available (please note that I added a H + on both sides, don t worry, it doesn t matter).

In view of the foregoing, Applicant respectfully submits that ordinarily skilled artisans would be able to make and use the claimed invention, despite any experimentation that might be required.  Applicant further submits that this conclusion is buttressed by the amount of knowledge in the state of the art as well as the predictability of the art, as well as the majority of Wands factors that weigh in favor of enablement.  Therefore, the present application adequately enables the claimed invention.

Now, the temptation is to go on and argue, notwithstanding the fact that the burden hasn 8767 t shifted, why there is sufficient enablement or why the reference doesn 8767 t disclose half of the elements of the claim. Hopefully, it will help cut off another rejection or set the stage for the appeal.

The rate of fatty acid synthesis is controlled by the equilibrium between monomeric ACC and polymeric ACC. The activity of ACC requires this polymerization process. This conformational change is enhanced by citrate and inhibited by long-chain fatty acids. ACC is also controlled through hormone mediated phosphorylation (see below).

If you're growing in a sealed environment, you may want to open it a few times a day for fresh air. Just be aware that when you introduce fresh air you also introduce the possibility of contaminants and lower humidity levels. It's a delicate dance!

From the overall equation 986 6 95 5: NH 8 + 7 O 7 66 67 NO 8 - + H + + H 7 O. it can be seen that some H + is created in the process. This indicated that nitrification will result in a lowered pH which is also the case.

Now that we know that nitrification equals nitritation plus nitratation, we can add 986 6,7,8 to 986 9,5. This provides us with the total nitrification reaction.

It is 986 6 95 5: NH 8 + 7 O 7 66 67 NO 8 - + H + + H 7 O.

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